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A philosophy of life…


Véronique VIGNARD



The architectural spirit

«  SAKURA TIMELESS  » has the privilege of being on the edge of a protected natural area, facing the mountains, above Geneva, in co-visibility with Mont Blanc and Mont Salève, on land facing due south, with a very steep slope. The existing vegetation is lush is very diversified, a set of cherry trees served as the starting point for the SAKURA TIMELESS idea, the symbol of Japanese aestheticism. The proposed architecture will be based on a Japanese atmosphere, calming and aesthetically very meticulous; the architectural will was to built a villa with a very high environmental quality and a significant integration to the site. All views are dominant, not overlooked, bay windows offer a perfect continuity between the interior and exterior by the extension of the living spaces. The "Japanese- inspired" atmosphere is embodied both by the vegetation proposed as well as by the local grey 

stone, reminding Japanese schists, and by the climate compatible with the referred species.

The natural green spaces, as well as those landscaped, cover more than 68% of the plots involved. The lanscape is omnipresent, the architecture is elegant by its dominant integration. The exceptional quality of the place , its geographical position, its viewpoints and its natural environment lead to a project that must blend into the landscape, and enable"to see without being seen". The entire is treated with the highest meticulousness of finishing details, both interior and exterior, with an architecture always very consciencious, luminous, landscaped and ecological.

Véronique VIGNARD 
Architect DPLG

SAKURA Timeless


Hamani is the Japanese tradition which is originally, the harbinger of the rice season. It is matching with the nature awakening in spring, at the first flowering This tradition became a celebration of the flowers contemplation SAKURA  : the blossom cherry tree is the most spectacular and best-known representation. « Contemplation » is the central theme of my thoughts for SAKURA Timeless.. The peacefulness, the depth of the landscape and the serenity of nature encourage to contemplation. The Japanese maples, the Sambucus, a vegetation with soft, light and delicate foliage. The garden embodies here a great moment of relaxation, the blackness from the rocks calms us down, water brings us life. The Japanese maples, the Sambucus, this vegetation with soft, light and delicate foliage give us the smooth - ness of a cushion, in which we sit to contemplate.